Fire rated flush steel door

Fire rated steel doors are primarily used as part of a fire resistant wall (to separate a basement floor, in a boiler room, in a switchboard room), as well as for separating other fire resistant zones.

The products, which restrict the spread of fire, are mainly used if the door is not located in the immediate vicinity of an evacuation route. Doordec OÜ offers EI15, EI30, EI45, and EI60 products (the number after the letters is referring to the number of minutes). In addition to preventing the spread of fire, the doors and windows of the El fire resistance class also restrict the spread of the thermal radiation generated in the case of a fire.

Fire resistant steel doors are manufactured of 1mm electrical power galvanized steel sheets, which are coated with powder paint. Electrical power galvanized steel sheets guarantee high corrosion-resistance, which allows using of the products in outdoor conditions. The overall thickness of the door is 62 mm, the thickness of the frame is 100 mm, stainless steel hinges, with or without thresholds. The doors can be equipped with glazed openings.

Fire rated flush steel door/hatch EI-30
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Double-sided fire-rated steel door EI-30
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Fire rated flush steel door EI60
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Fire rated double flush steel door EI60
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