Flush steel doors

Flush steel doors can be used as apartment doors, internal doors, external doors – in manufacturing buildings, offices, apartment buildings, and private residences.

Doordec OÜ is using a 1 mm steel sheet to make a door panel, which is bent, glued, and pressed, resulting in a 62 mm door panel without weld seams. The frame is made of a 1 mm steel sheet and the lack of weld seams in the external parts of the frame enables using electrical power galvanized steel sheets, which in turn guarantees high corrosion resistance. Both the frame and the door are filled with high-quality mineral wool, providing effective soundproofing and high insulating qualities. The selection includes various thresholds and it is possible to equip the doors with windows as well as ventilation grates. Locks and other accessories are added to the doors based on the wishes of the ordering party.

On special order, the doors can be manufactured of sheet metal with wood imitation décor or of stainless steel.

Flush steel door
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Double flush steel door
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